8 easy screen recording tips by ScreenRecorder

You can use ScreenRecorder, the best free online screen recorder to record videos, such as training videos, how-to demo videos, etc. Before using ScreenRecorder, it is recommended to take a look at these 8 basic screen recording techniques.

1. Close unnecessary programs

Quit unnecessary programs and make sure you have enough memory to store the recorded video. Then turn off all notifications to prevent noise from recording videos. Including social media software, email, etc.

2. Clean up your desktop

Clean up unnecessary files and icons on your computer desktop. Not only allows viewers to watch videos without interruption but also protects your personal privacy.

3. Write an outline

By writing an outline before recording a video with ScreenRecorder, you can organize your thoughts, shorten the video recording time, and not waste the viewer's time.

4. Familiarize yourself with keyboard shortcuts

Become proficient with keyboard shortcuts to save editing time and recording time.

5. Practice in advance!

Before recording your screen with ScreenRecorder, please practice the operation and instructions according to the outline you have written.

6. Only record what you need

7. Pause and resume when needed

If you need to take a break during recording or prepare other content, you can click the Stop Recording button to pause.

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8. Keep mouse movement stable

Move the mouse slowly and stay where you need to explain so that the audience can better understand what you need to say at the moment.