why can't I screen record?

ScreenRecorder lets you record your screen on Windows 10 with just a few steps.

What does screen recording not work mean? That means the PC cannot record video, can not save screen recording video, recorded video has no sound, screen recorder crashes, cannot stop screen recording, etc.

You may encounter these possible problems when screen recording. Now, here are some solutions you can try when screen recording not working.

Reset all settings

Check whether the storage space is enough or not

If the storage space is insufficient, the recorded content cannot be downloaded after the recording is successful in time.

Whether the Internet connection is successful

Because ScreenRecorder is an online screen recording tool, it must be used after connecting to the Internet. Otherwise, it cannot be used successfully. So please check the internet connection status before using ScreenRecorder。

Whether the camera and microphone are turned on

If the microphone is not turned on, you can only use the Full+Screen mode for recording, and cannot record in Microphone+Screen, Microphone+Camera+Screen, Microphone+Camera, and other modes.

In addition, videos recorded in Full+Screen mode have no sound.